2. Procedure

For articles to be ordered using an order form, click either on the pdf icon  or on the relevant link. These orders will neither be shown in the shopping basket nor under "View my account".

For items that have to be ordered online, click on the  icon for information about the individual articles offered.

To put a selected article in the shopping basket, click on the shopping basket icon , enter the quantity and, if necessary, a comment; then confirm your choice with "Save".

Articles that have been put in your shopping basket are indicated with a green circle  in the list of articles. The corresponding article category is also indicated with a green circle  so that you can see which categories you have already dealt with.

A grey check mark  indicates that an item has already been ordered.

Please make sure that you have uploaded your installation plan! After uploading it, you can specify the categories that are relevant for the plan. You can allocate several categories (e.g. electricity, water) to an installation plan. Only one installation plan can be allocated to each category, respectively be active. If you wish to upload an updated installation plan, you must delete a plan that is no longer valid. Admissible file types: jpg, pdf.

Any items in your shopping basket will still be there when you start a new session.

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