Sponsoring Options

AchemAsia Catalogue | Printed Ads

Individual, full-page advertisements in the AchemAsia catalogue (DIN A5). Options: 2nd, 3rd and 4th cover page.

Mobile Advertising and Banner

Placement of a banner on or in the AchemAsia app with additional specific sponsoring options for the app.


App logo package

Placement of logo within the mobile app in the exhibitor list, in the exhibitor entry and in the hall plan.

App logo package
Banner within the AchemAsia app

Banner within the AchemAsia App

Placement of banner at the foot of the page displayed when a visitor browses through the mobile app. The banner is linked to the exhibitor entry. 10 banner placements maximum.

Company presentation in the AchemAsia app

Company presentation in the AchemAsia App

Detailed information on news and products together with 1 illustration. | Banner on our website

A web banner on can be placed on the list of results page, the content page or the search page.

Banner on our website

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