Trend Reports

In preparation for AchemAsia, DECHEMA will once again publish a series of trend reports  on relevant topics from research, development and the economic environment in China and the world. Trend reports will be available in English, Chinese and German language and can be freely used in your coverage of AchemAsia.

Trend report

China's chemical industry: Only change is certain
Chinas Chemieindustrie: Fest steht nur der Wandel


China's water worries
Chinas Wassersorgen

Innovation instead of generics is a top priority for the Chinese pharma industry
Chinas Pharmaindustrie braucht Innovation statt Generika

​​​​​​​Safety first - for people, plants and processes
Sicherheit für Mensch und Maschine​​​​​​​


Background Material on AchemAsia

Interview with Thomas Scheuring, CEO of DECHEMA Exhibitions: "There is plenty to be curious about"

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