FAQ for Participants

We have listed a number of questions and answers to your participation at our digital live event. We are happy to assist you with any further questions. Contact us!

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How can I participate at ACHEMA Pulse?

To participate at ACHEMA Pulse, please register with myACHEMA first and book your tickets in our ticket shop. With the Pulse ticket you will receive the invitation for onboarding and access to all company profiles of the digital event. You can further contact all registered users and visit all lectures in the digital exhibitor forum. To participate in the high-class lecture programme on the live stages you require a Premium+ ticket which can also be purchased in our ticket shop.

Do I have to register beforehand?

Yes, because it's real people interacting at ACHEMA Pulse. Therefore, it is necessary to register.  By creating your personal myACHEMA account you only have to register once and can take advantage of all our services with just one login. You can purchase tickets for ACHEMA Pulse and will be able to access the digital platform. In an onboarding process you may then specify your fields of interest and your own field of activity in order to facilitate contact to other participants and profit from the networking functions. Your profile will be visible on the platform during the event. Of course it is also possible to still register during the event - without having to queue.

What types of tickets are available and what are the prices?

The Pulse Ticket provides access to company profiles, exhibitor presentations and matchmaking on a networking platform (powered by talque). Without live stages and congress program; with contact brokerage. (talque registration takes place with ticket purchase/voucher exchange).
Until 31 March 2021 free of charge, from 1 April 2021 €39.
The Premium+ Ticket provides access to all content such as live stages, lecture programme, company profiles, exhibitor presentations, matchmaking and contact brokerage on a networking platform (powered by talque, talque registration takes place with ticket purchase/voucher exchange).
Until 31 March 2021 €39, from 1 April 2021 €69 and from 1 June 2021 €99.

Is it possible to upgrade the Pulse Ticket to a Premium+ Ticket with an additional charge?

No, unfortunately an upgrade is not possible. However, a Premium+ ticket can be purchased at any time.

When can I start setting up appointments using the virtual platform?

At least 14 days before the event you will receive the link for onboarding by e-mail. From this point on, the platform is available and you can create your personal profile, define your matchmaking criteria and make appointments for the period of the event.

Can you give some details of how I might imagine the digital event?

ACHEMA Pulse is based on two main components: presentations of products and companies, and a programme of high-level presentations.  As a participant in the event, you can attend high-quality international presentations on the virtual platform, view companies' and participants' profiles, and make contact with companies and individuals of interest to you using a variety of communication tools. As a first step, you'll have support from an integrated matchmaking tool that will suggest interesting contacts for you.

Which technical conditions do I need to meet for the best possible participation at ACHEMA Pulse - which browser should I use?

The ACHEMA Pulse event platform works best with the browsers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Chromium (the latest version if possible). It is also supported on the latest Version of Firefox and Safari. Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer supported. If you use Internet Explorer, you will have to expect significant display limitations.

To join ACHEMA Pulse from everywhere and everytime you want to, a mobile app for iOS and Android will be available. Using the mobile app, it will be very handy to take advantage of all functions like e.g. participation in live presentations, communication with other participants or management of your personal agenda for the digital event.