Code of conduct


DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH

draws on the technical and organizational expertise of DECHEMA for the organization of capital goods fairs. Together with DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V., we are the organizers of ACHEMA and AchemAsia.
As world forum for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology ACHEMA is the trend-setting international technology summit for the process industry. With events like AchemAsia in Beijing / PR China we furthermore offer our branch regional, trend-setting platforms in the emerging markets worldwide.

Abidance by International Conventions and Legal Guidelines

We act in conformity with international conventions and legal order. This especially applies to guidelines that prevent the abuse of scientific findings (e.g. for chemical or biological weapons).

Non-Discrimination Rule

We reject any form of discrimination. Discrimination based on ethnic or cultural background, gender, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation is not tolerated.

Anti-Trust Law

Infringements of anti-trust law are prohibited. This especially applies to

  • price-fixing, zoning or similar between competing enterprises.
  • exchange of information on prices, turn overs, business transactions etc. as far as they are not already published

Participants of committee meetings are informed of this and indicate their acknowledgement with their signature on the participants' list. Should violations occur in the course of a meeting the employees in charge are required to stop corresponding discussions and agreements.

Information and Data Protection

DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH takes all necessary measures to protect confidential information and personal data. Trustful cooperation is only possible if confidential information enjoys maximum protection. Our employees are obliged to handle all information with care. This applies to the safekeeping of protocols and other documents against the unauthorised access by third parties as well as maintaining confidentiality. Please note that the use or disclosure of insider information - e.g. in connection with securities transactions - can lead to legal proceedings.
We take the protection of personal data seriously. Every employee has to comply with the legal requirements and privacy statement which are part of the employment contract. In cases of doubt DECHEMA's data protection officer is to be consulted.

Labor and Social Standards, Occupational Safety

DECHEMA Ausstellungs-GmbH is a responsible employer meeting existing labor and social standards. We offer our employees a secure working environment. The same applies to the participants of our events, their security has highest priority.

Donations and Sponsoring

Donations and sponsoring can only be made to charitable bodies whose work is in accordance with DECHEMA's objectives.

Invitations and Gratuities

Granting and receiving gifts and other gratuities is only accepted in accordance with applicable law. Since our activities significantly depend on the personal encounter between people a sound judgement is required in this context. In cases of doubt a consultation with the superior is recommended. This applies to invitations as well as gifts. This not only serves the internal transparency but protects the employee from unjustified assumptions. In return, the proportionality of invitations to honorary members and cooperation partners must be kept in mind. Particular caution applies to officials who are not permitted to accept gratuities.

Professional Communication

Every form of communication, be it a letter, an e-mail or any other channel contributes to the perception and therefore to the image of our company. Appropriate manners and legal regulations (e.g. imprint obligations) are to be considered at any time.

Personal opinions must be clearly identifiable as such and must be treated with caution in the working environment. The central function 'Communication' has to be included in all contacts with media. If useful, we support the use of social media for professional issues and recommend a consultation with the superior where appropriate.


Effective of December 2014