Congress programme

The Congress topics that accompanied AchemAsia 2019 are listed below.

AchemAsia PRAXISforum: New products and services
New products, services and innovations presented by leading supliers of the process industries at AchemAsia Expo are manifold:  AchemAsia PRAXISforum provides the platform for exhibitors to create special attention on the latest highlights they present in the exhibition - by industry, for industry.

Advances in industrial water management
For industry, water represents an indispensable component of its ongoing development. Efficient industrial water management provides industry with a wide range of economic and strategic advantages. Keywords among others are:

  • Industrial water reuse
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • Instrumentation, control, and digitalisation
  • Efficient treatment of complex wastewaters
  • Energy efficiency in water management
  • Recovery of valuables from wastewater
  • Developments in desalination

Industry 4.0, Internet of Thing or Industrial Internet are buzz words which describe the current move for digitalization in the chemical process industry. Behind these buzz words, concepts based on Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are disrupting the way how processes and businesses are done in this industry.
For an almost fully automated production including scheduling, dispatching and monitoring of all production steps intelligent and smart sensors are key components. Otherwise the needed amount of data cannot be generated. These data enable the process industry to achieve optimum performance in all stages of production - future plant concepts will include a smart use of process data coupled with logistics and market information. This means that the monitoring and quality assurance of the goods during transport and production are becoming increasingly important to join successfully the digital journey.

Future production in chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Innovation and digitalization are speeding up steadily, and product life cycles get shorter and shorter with increasing product diversity. These trends clearly reduce the span in the life cycle of processes in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Novel plant concepts are needed for rapid and intelligent adaption to new conditions, like changed quantities, variable feedstocks or flexible product adaptation.
Keywords among others are:

  • Digital Plant Concepts
  • Modular Plant Concepts
  • Intelligent plants and apparatus
  • Batch-to-Conti
  • Automation
  • Process Analytical Technology

Materials for renewable energy production and storage
For efficient production of renewable energy and innovative solutions for energy storage advanced materials are key. Challenges to be addressed are solutions for the storage of electrical energy for stationary, mobile, and portable applications. Transformation efficiency, contribution to grid balance, energy density, low cost, safety and life span are important aspects where materials can provide solutions.

Pharma meets production
The pharmaceutical industry has very specific requirements relating to process and product quality, starting with the equipment for manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and continuing right through to packaging and labelling. Keywords among others are:

  • Sterile manufacturing
  • Analytics and quality control
  • Formulation and filling technology
  • Labelling and tracking technology
  • Regulatory aspects: safety, quality & GMP

Play it safe – New concepts for process and labour safety
Latest concepts and methods, as well as regulatory developments and their implication, in plant and process safety as well as occupational safety.
This session is dedicated to safety practitioners of all related stakeholders including industry, services, academics, and authorities. Keywords among others are:

  • Fires and Explosions
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Management and Communication of Risk and Safety
  • Human and organisational factors
  • Learning from accidents and knowledge transfer

Resource efficiency and process intensification
Process intensification and the need for further resource efficiency is a major pinpoint of the chemical process industry. In the core of this reaction technology is the basic technology which defines this industry. New technologies influence equipment and plant design as well as material and product sustainability requirements. Keywords among others are:

  • Chemical transformations
  • Catalysis
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Kinetics
  • Reactor design

State-of-the-art in fluid handling
Movement and storage of liquids, gases, liquid-solid suspensions or other multiphase mixtures are key operations in all fields of the process industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, wastewater & water industries. New fluid handling and transfer equipment, pumps and peripheric equipment comprise large fields of key relevance to fluid handling which are subject to continuous large innovations.


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